Man jumping in air on top of mountain - K Alan Bean

Board of Directors, Vice Chairman, Teen Camp Director

I have climbed all the 12,000 foot peaks in Idaho and swam in almost all the lakes above 10,000 feet (3 remaining).

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Karen Byrne

Waterfront Director

I have been the Waterfront Director since 1991. I have also been one of the Assistant Teen Camp Directors since 2012.

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Spring Bean, LD, RDN, CDE

I’ve played the flute since 1985. Currently I play in a flute choir called Desert Windsong.

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Nadine Carter, DNP, FNP-C

Nadine is currently the Director for Winter Camp, and medical staff for Kids Camp.

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Kyle Christensen

Wilderness Camp Director

I began helping with the wilderness camp program when it was brought back and am now the director.

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Richard Christensen

Board of Directors, Chairman; Medical Director; Wilderness Camp Assistant Director

I am an endocrinologist who has practiced in Boise since 1994, now semi-retired.

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Vicki Smith Cutshall, BSN, RN, CDCES

Board Member; Clinical Coordinator

Loves cooking whole food, plant-based meals for herself and her family while listening to great literature and music.

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profile image of Brittney Lucero

Director of Operations

I am a newbie to Hodia and delighted to be a part of the team and love a good Dad joke!

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Lisa Gier

Executive Director

I started at Hodia as a participant in 1995, and even learned to give my first insulin injection at camp!

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Natalie Bennion DelRio

Board Member; Starry Skies Snippet Camp Session 2 Director, Junior Camp Director

I am a chemical engineer and parent to two kids.

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profile image of Jenny Graham

Snippet Text Camp Director

I am passionate about helping other families diagnosed with Type 1 and spreading awareness.

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Camp Staff

I have been on medical staff since 2014.

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Matt Goodfellow sitting on beach with child

Camp Staff; Rappelling Program

I love the outdoors.

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Neill Goodfellow with rock climbing gear

Board Member; Rappelling Program

Hodia and the people who make it work are among the most wonderful people in the world.

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Addie Hall R.T. (R)

I have a big, long haired German Shephard named Waylon!

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Angela Hoffman

Starry Skies Session 1 Co-Director

I have been a volunteer with Hodia since 2014.

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Mike Hoffman

Starry Skies Session 1 Co-Director; On-Site Office Director; Virtual Camp Activities Director

I like to bake. A lot. Too much. I survive by showering my neighbors in baked goods so I don’t eat them all.

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Becky Jones, RRT-NPS

Teen Camp Assistant Director

I have been involved with camp since 1992.

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Leigh Manser outside

Board Member

Leigh has worked as an HR professional in Boise since 1983. 

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Ciera Miller

Marketing Director

My overall life goal is to own a pig.

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Camp Staff

I work at Tandem diabetes and love the outdoors!

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Sherilyn Robison

Activities Director

Through out my life with Hodia, I have been an camper, CIT, volunteer camp staff, cabin leader and activities director.

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Terri Sanders with gold ribbon dog

Board of Directors, Treasurer

I’m a semi-retired CPA and had the pleasure of working with Hodia for several years as their accountant.

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Greg Slevin up close

At camp I am known as the “Director of No Problem”.

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Joshua Smith and family in Yellowstone

Buddy Camp Director - Eastern Idaho

I got lost in Yellowstone with a foreign exchange student when I was 8.

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A fun, non-camp fact about myself is that I compete in the Scottish Highland Games.

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In my spare time I LOVE to play the piano.

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Camp Staff, Winter Camp Assistant Director

Living and working in Idaho has given me lots of opportunities to embrace the outdoors.

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Camp Staff, Winter Camp Director

I love being outside and challenging myself and seeing what I am capable of doing.

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Cara Walsh outside

Board Secretary; Auction Chair

I have had the privilege to be apart of Hodia since my daughter began attending camp in 2007.

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Cara Walsh by waterfall

The positive way that camp has impacted my son and myself has made me want to always be a part of this great organization and be able to pay it forward!

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Amy Walters with a dog

Director of Social-Emotional Health Programs

I love to garden, spend time with my family and dogs, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Idaho.

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Sharene Watsen, PA-C

Shooting Stars Day Camp Director

I am married and have 2 children and love to be outdoors.

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Profile image of Ana Reinhardt

Shooting Stars Assistant Director

Ana is the Assistant Director for Shooting Stars Day Camp

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Sarah Scott-Scudder

I love the outdoors & work as a Mountain coaster operator & Ski Instructor at Bogus.

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