Hi, my name is Tyra (Menzel) Erickson. I have been going to Hodia since I was 8 years old. 1998 was my first year, 2000ish was my last as a counselor because I had moved to Seattle. My heart belongs to Hodia. The friends, that I am still close with and the Clive(ha,ha), no, but Luther Heights, the Meadow…all of the Sawtooth Valley.

After I moved to Seattle, to go to the Art Institute for Graphic Design, I kept volunteering to do things here and there for Hodia. I did a round of the camp logos, (so did my mom years ago), I have done many flyers, post cards, posters, consulted for grants, and currently I am helping with the Alumni (re)connection. I LOVE that 20 years after going to camp, I am able to still help and participate in Hodia, even 639 miles away (yeah, I mapped it out, ha).

Well, now I really want to go to camp! Maybe I’ll see you soon!

“They’ll know we’re Hodia by our love, by our love”.



Tyra Erickson letter