Hi, my name is Tyra (Menzel) Erickson. I have been going to Hodia since I was 8 years old. 1998 was my first year, 2000ish was my last as a counselor because I had moved to Seattle. My heart belongs to Hodia. The friends, that I am still close with and the Clive(ha,ha), no, but Luther Heights, the Meadow…all of the Sawtooth Valley.

After I moved to Seattle, to go to the Art Institute for Graphic Design, I kept volunteering to do things here and there for Hodia. I did a round of the camp logos, (so did my mom years ago), I have done many flyers, post cards, posters, consulted for grants, and currently I am helping with the Alumni (re)connection. I LOVE that 20 years after going to camp, I am able to still help and participate in Hodia, even 639 miles away (yeah, I mapped it out, ha).

Well, now I really want to go to camp! Maybe I’ll see you soon!

“They’ll know we’re Hodia by our love, by our love”.



Tyra Erickson letter
Tyra (Menzel) Erickson

Volunteering for Hodia has been a very rewarding experience. As a mother of a T1D, it has been a goal of mine to be able to give back to a community that has been of amazing support in our journey. Since moving back to Idaho, my family and I have had the opportunity to help out during summer camp season. Being part of watching kids smile when they arrive at day camp, bond, and most importantly become part of a team is very fulfilling. That is what matters, that is the core of why volunteering for Hodia is something our family looks forward to every summer.

Ana Reinhardt

Hodia was the first place that I felt like a normal kid. As a child growing up with type one diabetes, I always felt different and pretty alone. My world changed in the summer of 1999. All of a sudden, there was color! Hodia introduced me to children from all over the state and surrounding areas with type one diabetes. Little did I know that those kids would become my family. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be a part of this program for the rest of my life. I even took my engagement photos at camp! Those trails transformed me into a better person and welcomed me into a loving community I will never leave. I now have the privilege of serving as the Marketing Director for Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs! I get to serve children the same way I was as a camper, and that fills my heart with joy. Hodia taught me independence, responsibility, leadership, integrity, and above all else, how to love unconditionally.

Ciera Miller

Volunteering for Hodia is the highlight of my summer, every summer! I grew up going to camp and still consider my campmates some of my best friends, so it is incredible to see my young campers create the lifelong friendships and memories that I did. It is also very rewarding to teach the kiddos how to take care of their diabetes on their own. These little ones can give themselves shots and count their carbs all on their own — wow! Camp changed my life for the better and I am beyond glad I can be a part of changing the lives of my campers. People with diabetes can climb mountains and do anything!

Raquel Sacknoff