Irene Torgesen

My Husband and I farm in the Soda Springs area. We grow wheat, barley, hay, mustard, and have a few cows.

I am a wife to Greg for 42 years. We have 7 sons, 3 have Type one diabetes, and we have 17 grandchildren. I was a volunteer EMT for over 10 years.

My reason for the interest in Hodia is that when our 1st son was diagnosed with type one diabetes I searched for a program to help him grow and be able to function on his own as he grew to be an adult. This camp was fantastic. It helped him to have confidence and to be able to participate in sports football, wrestling, hiking, fishing, canoeing, whitewater rafting, etc. It helped him become a functioning confident adult. I wanted to be able to help others see the difference this camp can make in their child’s life if they try and if they let go of the apron strings and let others help you.

Irene Torgesen posing in front of ocean